Our Bulls

Santa Gertrudis Bulls at Blackjack Oaks Ranch

Our new approach for 2017 – at least for now – will be the use of AI to improve our herd.  We’re looking at improving the numbers to ensure better competition in the overall cattle market by the Santa Gertrudis breed.  We’re focusing on marbling as one of our key areas of improvement, while also maintaining cattle that we hope are aesthetically pleasing!  To increase our herd’s effectiveness, we’re focusing on high-performance bulls and acquiring semen to AI our girls.

If you’re in the market for bulls, see our calf pages.  We have five bull calves from our 2016 calving season who will be ready for their place in your herd soon.


And moving on

NGA GENERAL 0-79 – General

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General got the job done!  He did very well in the show ring under the showmanship of the Urbanoskys, and served as an excellent herd sire for Blackjack Oaks Ranch.  He produced calves with every cow, every year.  His calves are typically born small, then grow quickly.  With General’s daughters coming up for breeding, we’ve found a new home for this gentle guy.  He’s a proven, quality herd sire.  He enjoyed being brushed, but we never forgot that he’s around 2,000 lbs of pure muscle and drive!

Don’t despair!  Many of our cows are already bred to General for the 2017 calving season.  We also have a good crop of 2016 calves out of this beautiful boy.  It’s not too late to add General’s genetics to your herd!









General baby-sitting his calves.